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ETC of Henderson, Inc. — Serious About Floor Care

Founded in 1978, ETC of Henderson, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of high quality floor machine pads, diamond impregnated pads, wet and dry mopping systems, carpet cleaning bonnets and other accessories for the janitorial and food service industries.

The company’s HQ and manufacturing facilities are located in Henderson, North Carolina, USA. ETC’s market areas include the United States and over 70 Countries worldwide.To better serve the International Market ETC of Henderson, Inc. established several divisions worldwide with warehouses and limited manufacturing facilities.

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ETC of Henderson, Inc. is distinguished from other manufacturers in the industry by the depth and diversity of our product line. ETC was the first floor pad manufacturer to produce natural fiber blended floor pads. In addition, ETC is the only company in the world that manufactures both floor pads and mopping systems under one roof. ETC has pioneered such products as GORILLA®, GORILLA LITE®, JAGUAR®, AQUA PLUS®, BLUE JAY®, the patented 2001® series of floor pads, the GREAT WHITE® Lint free Finish Mop and Diamond by Gorilla® floor pads. These products and others are recognized by chemical and floor machine manufacturers as the ultimate floor pad and mop products available.

ETC of Henderson, Inc. offers:


The most visible national brand floor pad line available. ETC’s products are in the trade journals on a monthly basis making names like GORILLA®, GORILLA LITE®, JAGUAR®, AQUA PLUS®, BLUE JAY®, GREAT WHITE®, DIAMOND BY GORILLA® and others the most recognized in the industry.


Utilizing valuable field representatives (both company and manufacturer’s reps) to perform in-field service and professional sales meetings.


ETC of Henderson, Inc. offers the finest artistically designed brochures and other valuable sales tools.

COMMITMENT to providing:
  • Quality Products
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Prompt Service
  • National Brand
  • Private Labeling
  • Customer Satisfaction