Wet Mops

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Janitorial mops are some of the oldest cleaning tools, but they are still misused by many custodians today. Different cleaning goals require different mops, and we at ETC of Henderson, Inc. provide a wide range of janitorial mops and commercial mops for every need.

Save Time with ETC’s Janitorial Mops

Unlike other commercial mops, our time-saving Torpedo® wet mop requires no break-in period before use. This innovative tool absorbs liquids immediately, saving you the aggravation of trying to pick up liquids on a wet floor. Launderable, affordable and available in five colors (orange, blue green, red and white), the Torpedo® wet mop is a must-have in your janitorial supply closet.

You get Lint-Free finish with The Great White® finish Mop

We’ve created the industry standard for finish mops. The Great White® commercial finish mop is made from a lint-free, high-tech filament yarn that reduces worker fatigue by gliding rather than dragging. You’ll feel like the mop is floating, and you’ll never go back to using a regular finish mop after using the Great White®.

The Great White® also produces more even coats thanks to the yarn’s ability to hold the finish with surface tension. The finish is released more evenly and more completely as it glides across the floor. This also means that you waste less finish — saving up to 15% of your finish costs.

The high-tech filament used to create the Great White® commercial finish mop is not capable of linting. You’ll immediately notice a smoother finish that will stand up longer to traffic because there are less surface blemishes and fewer contaminates.

We’ve also redesigned the Great White® Flat Finish Mop with open mesh backing for an unrestricted flow-through to the floor. This innovative mop offers a no-lint finish, a glossy initial finish, even application, less fatigue and easy rinsing using just warm water.

Tough, Durable Economical Cleaning

The Stardust® Mop is a great value, made of a cotton and synthetic blend that makes it the perfect tool for hospitals, schools, supermarkets, office buildings, department stores, shopping centers, nursing homes and other facilities where dust, sand and other abrasive materials must be removed.

The Stardust® combines ETC’s trademark durability with outstanding value. Available in red, blue and natural colors and all standard sizes, this janitorial dust mop will satisfy your color coding needs and features extra-durable synthetic backing and the ability to dry quickly.


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Kingfish® – Best Rayon Yarn

Made from tightly twisted long staple rayon. The tight twist helps control linting and combined with rayon’s quick pick up and release make it an excellent choice for laying finish.

Barracuda® – Blended Yarn

A blend of cotton and rayon for superior absorbency with no break-in period. The long staple fibers used in this blend mean less linting while the blend itself gives longer life to the mop.

Porpoise® – Best Cotton Yarn

Our best general purpose mop. Made from long staple, tightly twisted cotton fibers for less linting and longer life. A good pick for tough jobs.

Seahorse® – Good Cotton Yarn

A good quality cotton yarn that delivers good performance at a good price. Designed for those many applications where price is a concern.



Each of our basic yarns are available with these add-on options that customize them for your specific purpose, functionality and longevity. Click on the product names below to learn more.

Narrow 1.25-Inch Mesh Headband

Available in orange, green, blue, red and white. The mesh headband offers color-coding possibilities for restricting a mop to be used in particular chemicals and areas. Mesh headbands also allow mops to dry faster and more thoroughly.

Wide 5-Inch Mesh Headband

Available in orange, green, blue, red and white. The 5-inch wide headband offers the same color coding possibilities as the narrow mesh headband but will add longer life from the added protection at the headband area of the mop. This area is usually where the most wear occurs due to scrubbing. The wider headband and synthetic mesh will add life to your mops.

Wide 5-Inch Duck Headband

The wider headband and sturdy cotton duck material will add life to your mops by protecting the yarn from the wear and tear of scrubbing difficult spots on the floor.

Fantail Looped Ends

A fantailed mop will control with loose ends of a mop to lay flat and cover more area as it is swung from side to side. The looped end version is the best quality design that will keep the yarn from unraveling and linting.

Fantail Cut Ends

A fantailed mop will control the loose ends of a mop to lay flat and cover more area as it is swung from side to side. The cut end version takes the economy of a cut end basic mop to a higher quality mop for just a little more.



TORPEDO® MOPS – Blended Yarn

  • No break-in period.
  • Quickly absorbs liquids.
  • Less expensive than pre-laundered.
  • It’s launderable with minimal shrinkage.
  • five colors allow for specific usage.
  • Standard Torpedo®: Cut ends with a 1 1/4″ duck headband.
  • Super Deluxe Torpedo®: Fantail loop with a 5″ mesh headband.
  • Tailband and headband colors match the color of the mop.




Our tough metal construction clamps the mop strands together so there is no yarn slippage. The threaded metal screw that protrudes from the head allows “hands off” mounting and removal of the mop. Simply screw the mop on or off the handle without ever touching the soiled mop.

Available in: Best Rayon, Blended Rayon, Best Cotton, Good Cotton, Heather, Great White, Torpedo and Hospital Blend yarns.



The Hospital Blend wet mop is a looped end, tailbanded mop with a 5-inch synthetic mesh headband. It is available in White and Permanently Dyed colors. The 4-ply scientific blend of natural and synthetic yarn we call “Hospital Blend” is designed to give high absorbency and long life to a launderable mop. This mop is constructed to meet strict hospital standards but is cost effective for any organization. Also available in 1 1/4″ headband.

  • White: Silky Shark
  • Blue: Blue Marlin
  • Orange: Amberjack
  • Green: Dolphin
  • Red: Redfin



HEATHER MOPS – Blended Cotton Yarn

Our Heather Mop is available in blue and green yarn. These mops are an economical choice for situations where you need a colored yarn. They are not launderable.