Dust Mops

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Looped White and Colored Yarns

These launderable dust mops are constructed with a durable blended yarn that is sewn onto a sturdy polyester canvas backing that guarantees a long life, low absorption and no shrinkage. The high quality yarn made from first quality synthetic and natural fibers offers magnetic properties that attract and hold dust particles without the use of dust mop treatment. This very special blended yarn allows our Superdust® mop to withstand heavy use and repeated laundering. Available in blue, green, red and white to aid in keeping mops designated to specific areas or separated by daily rotation.



Knockout® White and Color Yarns

Our disposable dust mop system combines a specially constructed disposable dust mop with a foaming aerosol treatment. The Knockout® disposable dust mop comes pretreated and poly bagged. It is constructed of cotton yarn sewn to a typar backing and uses cotton tape ties to make a simple but efficient system for dust mopping.

Dustreat® Liquid Dust Mop Treatment

ETC’s dust mop treatment has a paraffin base with an emulsifier to eliminate slick spots and a wintergreen fragrance to keep the mop smelling fresh. Liquid available in 55 gal., 5 gal. and 1 gal. containers.



A great value in an economical dust mop constructed of 80% cotton and 20% synthetics. The Stardust® comes treated in three colors – red, white and blue. The colors available in this dust mopping system make it possible to keep your mops separate when rotating or in quarantined areas.