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Factors to Take Into Account When Choosing Diamond Polishing Pads

The look of an establishment’s flooring is essential in the property’s overall cleanliness and appeal. A dirty floor can make your visiting clients uncomfortable, while a shiny one can make them feel warmly invited and accommodated. This is why it’s necessary to keep your property’s flooring not just clean, but also shiny.

Diamond polishing pads make shine possible. A color-coded set of pads polishes various types of flooring, such as concrete, natural stone, and terrazzo. Cost-effective because you need not purchase chemicals, these pads consist of microscopic diamonds that can bring a dull, worn-out floor back to its former luster.

This type of polishing pad is available in different sizes, colors, and levels of aggressiveness. It’s important that you know what to use for the specific type of flooring in your establishment.

Factors to Take Into Account When Choosing Diamond Polishing Pads


The pads’ level of aggressiveness or scrubbing capability depends on their color. For instance, lighter color pads, such as white, off-white, and beige, are intended for light cleaning and burnishing. They’re also used for buffing, since a high speed is required. Further, because they are light in color, they don’t stain the floor.

If a more aggressive cleaning is desired, darker pads like green or blue are best. They are used at a slower speed to avoid damaging the floor. The same goes for red or pink. Remember that you should never use a red pad for high-speed scrubbing because it may leave red marks on the floor.

For stripping, coarse pads are recommended and are usually black. Keep in mind that when stripping, the speed should be as slow as 175 rotations per minute to enable the coarse pads to effectively strip the layers of polish, wax, or other buildup from the floor.


The grit on polishing pads creates the gloss and shine on your floors. The number of a pad’s grit ranges from 50 to 3,000. The lower the number of grit, the coarser the pad.

When shining a floor, you need to start at the lowest grit volume to even the surface out. This will remove the scratches, after which you can use a 200-grit pad to dull the surface and eliminate dirt or wax buildup. Higher-volumes of grits are necessary to produce extra-glossy surfaces.

Choosing the right pad can be a challenge because of the variety of colors and grits. However, you can always turn to a reliable manufacturer of diamond polishing and floor buffing pads, among other cleaning tools, for guidance in choosing the pad just right for your kind of flooring.


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