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Janitorial Mops and Other Equipment for Cleaning Services

The equipment your janitorial company has on hand dictates how well you clean. Time is not always on your side in this industry, making it all the more important to have janitorial mops and other tools to speed up the cleaning process.

Wet Mops

kingfishCleaning hard surfaces, such as wood or tile, is a challenge if you don’t have the right mop on hand. For these demanding jobs, investing in wet mops is a smart strategy. When looking for one, get a model that has a built-in reservoir already attached to it. Then, you can simply dispense water from the mop, not having to worry about repeatedly dipping it into a bucket filled with water and soap.

Liquids can be tough to pick up, but this task is more manageable when you have a wet mop that absorbs the liquids immediately. Find wet mops that don’t have any break-in period, allowing you to effectively clean from the start.

Carpet Bonnets

tigerpaw2Another great tool you’ll need on a regular basis is a carpet bonnet. This machine spins a circular pad soaked in cleaning solution on the surface of carpets. The action offers quick results, making the area clean in no time at all. These machines are simple to maneuver, and after you are finished using them, the carpet dries quickly. They are great for spot cleaning high-traffic areas.

Cleaning with ETC’s Tiger® carpet bonnet produces several key benefits, including efficient cleaning and rapid drying. This method also evens out the appearance of a carpet between low-traffic and high-traffic areas and pulls out addition soil left behind after extraction. Tiger® is a great carpet bonnet featuring looped end synthetic yarn with non-abrasive pile lifting/cleaning stripes. The yarn is long staple synthetic for long wear and minimal linting. Tiger® is double-sided, washable and available without stripes. If you are interested in becoming a distributor of Tiger carpet bonnets and other innovative janitorial floor care products, contact us today.

Dust Mops 

If dust is a chronic problem for your janitorial staff, use dust mops. They save time and make cleaning easier because a lot of them have a swivel design. This helps you get into tight corners or along baseboards that would be difficult to reach if you were to use a conventional mop. 

Brush Pads 

When it comes to stripping or polishing floors, you need something durable and effective like a brush pad. They have an aggressive design, but you don’t have to worry about doing any real damage to your floors. This gives you some confidence, knowing that you can clean in a firm, yet subtle manner. Brush pads with a porous design are available, and they assist with letting liquids pass through the surface. This makes them much easier to keep clean.

Working in the janitorial industry comes with its challenges, mainly cleaning in an efficient manner. Make sure time is on your side for every job by investing in the right mops, carpet bonnets, and brush pads. They’ll change the way you clean for clients forever.