Janitorial Mops Save Time, Money and Effort

Janitorial mops have been cleaning staples for decades, but they are still frequently misused by many custodians today. Choosing the right mop for your needs can be challenging, but ETC of Henderson, Inc. provides a huge variety of janitorial mops for every need and budget. Our Janitorial Mops Save Time Unlike other commercial mops, Torpedo® wet mop doesn’t... Read More

Getting the Best Concrete Finish Possible With Diamond Polishing Pads

Concrete is ideal for people who want flooring, countertops, or structures that are resistant to environmental damage or accidents, but the disadvantage is that it doesn’t look too presentable in its natural state. To get the most out of concrete flooring, it needs to have a good finish – and that’s where diamond polishing pads come in.

Consider these Attributes when Shopping for Janitorial Mops

The appearance of your building speaks volumes about your company’s attention to detail and professionalism. Keeping your building spotless and safe is easy when you choose the right cleaning supplies, including janitorial mops. Before you buy, consider these attributes to find the best mops for your needs.