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Things To Consider When Buying Floor Buffing Pads For Your Facility

If you want to give your facility a good clean, you need to make sure you always have good polish and buffing pads for your floors. Whether you are a manufacturing plant or a warehouse, your staff will need use these pads to make your floors always nice and shiny.

As you might imagine, floor pads like these come in a wide array of colors, shapes, sizes, and even texture too. There are some that are meant for giving the floor a good polish and types that can both clean and polish at the same time.

The choices available today can actually be overwhelming for some. It’s important to establish your polishing and buffing pad requirements properly prior to purchase. To help you with that, here’s a guide on how to shop for floor buffing pads for your facility.

Buying Floor Buffing Pads

Clean, Polish Or Spray Buff

When you start shopping for your buffing pads, you would realize that they come with various available features. For starters, there are pads that can spray buff, polish, and burnish a floor at the same time. Other pads can give a floor light cleaning and spray buffing at the same time.

But if you’re looking for pads that polish while giving the floor a thorough clean, you can never go wrong with diamond polishing pads. They are designed to clean several types of floors completely without the use of any chemicals. They also leave the floor shiny without having to use any sealers, waxes or strippers.

Abrasiveness Level

What you must understand is that not all polishing and buffing pads come with the same level of abrasiveness. Some are just mildly abrasive, enough to buff the floor and produce a nice soft luster. On the other hand, the non-abrasive pads are good for giving the floor a nice polish with a high luster quality.


If you ask buffing pads suppliers, they can tell you right away which pads can be used for low speed floor machines. These machines are often preferred to high speed floor machines as they are more useful and can be utilized for scrubbing, stripping, buffing and carpet bonneting.

Consider these things when you are trying to determine which polishing and buffing pads will work best for your facility. Don’t hesitate to ask your supplier some more questions if you are not sure which kind of pad you actually need. As some facility managers have realized, finding the right pad may take a bit of trial and error. Just be sure to note the results of each type if you do this.


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