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Floor Buffer Pads and More: Protecting Your Wood Floor from Scratches

Scratches and other forms of damage can take away the beauty of a hardwood floor. While a property manager will do his best to avoid damage to the floor, that fact remains that wood will eventually get scratched with use, regardless of how well you care for it. To best protect your gym or parquet floor, the best defense is a great offense.

Floor Buffer Pads and More: Protecting Your Wood Floor from Scratches

Use matting to protect high traffic areas

You can prevent scratches from the hardwood surface with the right protection. Mats are great ways to protect your floors while offering a bit of design. Use a mat wherever you expect the floor to get the most stress. According to, installing over 20-feet of high-performance matting can potentially reduce up to 90 percent in dirt.

Be sure to use mats inside and outside entry points to eliminate as much dirt as possible from getting on your floors. Use scraper mats outside entryways.

Keep the outer premises clean

Surface scratches on hardwood floors can come from dust and dirt particles just outside the facility. Unwanted debris can get tracked by guests from the parking lot. Keep exterior areas of the building clean and dry. Be more mindful of this step around entries.

Dust mop the floor regularly

Dust mopping should be done after each time the floor is used. If the floor experiences heavy use in a single day, it makes sense to dust mop the floor two or more times within the day. Be sure to monitor the quality of your mops, because an overused mop will be overly soiled, which could end up causing the scratches that you want to prevent.

Follow a cleaning schedule

Aside from dust mopping, you also need to perform other cleaning functions regularly such as polishing and deep cleaning. Polishing with floor buffer pads can be done weekly, and deep cleaning can be done once a month. You may vary the frequency depending on how often you use your floors.

When it comes to your floor cleaning materials such as floor scrubbing pads, don’t scrimp on quality. Purchase your materials only from trusted suppliers known for delivering the best floor cleaning products in the business, such as ETC of Henderson.


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