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Promote a Healthy and Productive Workplace by Using Janitorial Mops

Flu season might be over for now, but that doesn’t mean your workplace is immune to other forms of illnesses. Other than the flu, your employees might also be susceptible to the stomach flu or other viral illnesses with flu-like symptoms. Nothing else can put a damper on the productivity of your workplace than sick employees.

Illnesses can cost over a billion dollars over work days lost. As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to promote a clean and healthy workplace to avoid the spread of viruses among your employees.

Know the Spots with the Most Germs

You might think that the restroom has the most germs, but you might be surprised to learn the amount of germs you might encounter on the surfaces of the break room. In fact, microwave buttons, sink faucets, and break room countertops are among the surfaces in your office with the most amount of germs.

Take note of these germ hotspots in your office and tweak your current cleaning regimen if necessary.

Productive Workplace by Using Janitorial Mops

Disinfect Regularly

Viruses spread through contact; people acquire them when they touch infected surfaces then touch their eyes, mouth, or nose. Prevent the spread of viruses by disinfecting objects and surfaces that are frequently touched, such a desks, keyboards, doorknobs, and phones. Germ-prone areas such as bathrooms should also be cleaned regularly.

You can also stock your employees’ desk drawers with hand-sanitizing wipes containing at least 60 percent alcohol content.

Educate Your Employees

 According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, awareness on personal flu prevention steps can go a long way in curbing the spread of viruses. This also means encouraging your employees to get their flu shots (if they haven’t already) and discouraging sick employees from coming to work.

Employers should also promote good hygiene within the workplace by placing reminders on proper handwashing techniques. After all, handwashing is the best thing an employee can do to prevent catching and spreading viruses among their co-workers.

Use the Right Cleaning Products

Of course, the best way to prevent the spread of viruses in the workplace is to keep it clean. Apart from disinfectants, you can also use janitorial mops and carpet bonnets for a cleaner office. Promoting cleanliness within the workplace can also prompt employees to take steps in keeping both personal spaces and common areas clean.

Cleaning with ETC’s Tiger® carpet bonnet produces several key benefits, including efficient cleaning and rapid drying. This method also evens out the appearance of a carpet between low-traffic and high-traffic areas and pulls out addition soil left behind after extraction.

Price is another important factor when it comes to cleaning. ETC’s Tiger® carpet bonnets are cost-effective because most facilities already have bonnet cleaning equipment on hand, and the speed of cleaning with this method reduces overall carpet maintenance costs. We know that property managers and building owners are always trying to save money, and this low-cost means of maintaining carpet is cost-effective for nearly any facility.

When done correctly, bonnet cleaning can improve the appearance of a carpet, even after extraction, because the carpet bonnets can pick up soils left behind during the initial cleaning process. As carpets dry, soil rises up to the surface and can be picked up by carpet bonnets.

A clean workplace is a healthy workplace. Safeguard your employees’ health and be more proactive in taking preventive steps against year-round illnesses.


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