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Choosing the Right Floor Buffing Pads and Floor Scrubber Pads

PolishSprayBuffFloor care machines are a janitor’s best friend. Used for everything from polishing to stripping, these machines are responsible for keeping floors looking like new and increasing the safety of any facility. That’s why it is absolutely vital to choose the right floor buffing pads and floor scrubber pads for the job. With so many options available today, it can be difficult to know which option is best for your needs, but this guide will help you choose the ideal pads for your task.

Floor Scrubber Pads and Colors

Floor scrubber and floor buffing pads come in different colors which indicate the applications for which they are best suited. Darker shades indicate increasing aggressiveness. Tan and polishing are most often used for polishing, red is the shade for spray buffing, blue is appropriate for burnishing and cleaning, green is ideal for scrubbing, brown is best for dry scrubbing and black is ideal for stripping.

Other Considerations when Choosing Floor Pads

In addition to matching the task at hand, the floor buffing pads and floor scrubber pads you choose should also be appropriate for the type of floor finish being treated and the machine being used.

Conventional 175- to 300-rpm machines do well with basic pads, but newer equipment that runs at higher speeds may require high-speed buffing and burnishing pads. These pads typically come in pastel shades to set them apart from other, more aggressive pads. The lighter colors also reduce the risk of transfer at higher speeds.

Floor finish must also be considered when choosing floor pads. Softer surfaces require smoother pads, while harder surfaces require rougher pads. For example, diamond floor pads are appropriate for concrete floor use but would not do well on laminate floors.

It’s also important to choose floor pads that enhance the labor dollar and work faster and longer in creating your desired result – cleaner, shinier floors. Our floor pads are made to the highest end of the industry standard, and every product in our inventory is manufactured to out-perform low quality, inferior products that may end up costing you more in the long run.

Choosing the best floor pads for the task at hand can be daunting, but the team here at ETC is always on hand to recommend the best products for your needs and budgets. We are happy to discuss your options and connect you with the best floor pads for your facility. Contact us today to learn more!

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