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ETC Unveils New and Improved Website

Here at ETC, we are dedicated to providing the highest level of service and customer satisfaction. That’s why we’ve been working hard on our website and are proud to unveil this new and improved version. We know that this website is one of the main channels you use to learn about our company and products, and we wanted to make sure that it delivers the high standard you’ve come to expect from ETC.

Spotlight on Products

Every one of our products is highlighted on the website, broken down into easy-to-navigate categories. From our products page and main menu, you can easily access the information you seek regarding our:

– Floor pads
– Diamond pads
– Concrete maintenance pads
– Stripping shoes
– Brush pads
– Superscreen discs
– Handmaids & cleaning aids
– Carpet bonnets
– Wet janitorial mops
– Dust mops
– Finish mops
– Handles

We know it is important to see products before making a purchase, and we’ve included images of everything we offer in addition to detailed descriptions that highlight the benefits and use of each product.

Comprehensive Literature Library

When you seek more in-depth information, check out our Literature library, where you can easily access PDF-formatted info about many of our most popular products. The collection features our full catalog and info on products like our commercial mops, High Speed Floor Pads, Diamond Pads, Great White Finish Mop, Monster-Cure Floor Pad, Gator Shoes, Carpet Bonnets and more.

Exclusive Member’s Area

Registering for our Member’s Area is as easy as filling out a simple webform, and it gives you access to many benefits. After logging in, you can place your ETC order online and access literature downloads and price lists. These tools make it easy to be a successful ETC distributor, and we are always looking for quality members to join our team and carry our products.

Stay in Touch with ETC

Our new website also makes it easy for you to reach out to our team with any questions, comments or concerns you have. Simply visit our Contact Us page and fill out the form to get in touch, or use our convenient “Let’s Talk” tab at the bottom of your screen to call us directly. Our team is always on hand to help answer your questions and connect you with the best products for your needs and budget, so don’t hesitate to contact us at any time. These are just a few of the benefits we are delivering to distributors with our new and improved website. Feel free to click around and explore everything that ETC has to offer!

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